Workshop Adrian Freedman


Partake in the workshop by Adrian Freedman on 1 of September 2019. The duration of the workshop is 4 hours, with a lunchbreak. Lunch is included.

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Cancellation scheme: cancel before August 24th to get a refund minus €15 administration fee. From August 24th onward no refund will be given.

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Adrian Freedman is a composer, performer and shakuhachi master with a very diverse range of musical skills. He lived 7 years in Japan studying the shakuhachi with renowned master Yokoyama Katsuya. Later he lived in Brazil, immersed in the music of sacred forest rituals. His music is infused with the twin aspects of world music and spirituality. More information at



This workshop will be in two parts. During this time we will have opportunities to explore 3 aspects of Zen practice that converge with shakuhachi Honkyoku practice:

*Breath as the source and foundation of Being

*Sound, hearing and listening as a doorway to spiritual understanding and awareness of the true Self.

*Awareness of breath, sound and silence in the practice of Honkyoku, as an experience of the totality of the present moment, as expressed in the phrase Ichion Jōbutsu – Buddha-nature within a single sound.

Adrian will introduce his original piece Seijaku, which blends elements of honkyoku style with lyrical phrases in the Aeolian mode.

The essence of this piece lies in the extended long notes and in the silences between the notes.


Adrian will also demonstrate some yogic Pranayama breath control exercises and other breathing techniques that can assist with playing long notes and with tone control.


Information & Registration

The workshop starts at 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. You are welcome for coffee and tea from 10.30 a.m. Coffee, tea and lunch are included in the workshop fees.

You are registered when the payment has been credited on our bank account. You will receive from us a confirmation of your registration and the music notation of Adrian Freedman’s piece Seijaku.